Pecan Pie Recipe Ideas

Pecan pie is a classic American recipe that has been a tradition at many holiday gathering. Pecans are abundant in the south, and the advent of the pecan pie is most commonly attributed to French settlers in the Louisiana region who were originally introduced to pecans by the Native Americans. The makers of Karo syrup popularized the tasty dessert in the 1930s, and it has been a staple on many holiday menus across the states since.

Standard recipes for pecan pie call for pecans, corn syrup, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla and salt. The ingredients are combined, placed in a pie shell, and baked until the middle is no longer loose, which is determined by gently shaking the pan. If the center moves only a little, the pie is done. The finished result is a sweet, scrumptious pie with a custard consistency and a flaky crust. Many cooks will position a layer of pecan halves on top of the pie before baking to make a striking arrangement while others leave it as-is, knowing that the top is likely to be covered with a thick dollop of whipped cream.

People have been modifying recipes for years, and the pecan pie is no exception. Sugar can be substituted with brown sugar, light or dark corn syrup can be used, and vanilla is sometimes omitted. In the south, a splash of whiskey is often incorporated to give the pie an extra boost of flavor. Fruity additions such as pineapple or lemon juice can offset the sweetness, while seasonings like ginger or nutmeg can be sprinkled into the mix to make a subtle difference that makes people smile.

Chocolate pecan pies have gained in popularity over recent years. Blending pieces of unsweetened chocolate, semi sweet morsels or milk chocolate chunks to the original ingredients can add a whole new dimension to a pecan pie. A quarter cup of bourbon or a tablespoon of instant espresso powder turns a chocolate pecan pie into an exquisite dessert suitable for more formal adult gatherings.

Some traditional recipes call for boiling the pecans in milk and draining them off before adding to the other ingredients to make the custard smoother. Other old-time variations call for meringue toppings, which sound lovely but makes baking a little trickier. There is also a more modern recipe for pecan pie suitable for people with nut allergies or those on a strict budget. This recipe replaces the pecans with rolled oats to mimic the nutty flavor. Although quite tasty, nothing can beat the flavor of a traditional, full-flavored pecan pie.

Enjoy this delicious dessert year-round. The perfect pecan pie starts with a homemade pie crust. Find the perfect pie crust recipe in our growing collection of the finest taste-tested recipes.

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