Bacon: A Love Story

Bacon: A Love Story
Author: Heather Lauer

Just the book for bacon lovers! 

Book Description: A love letter to the “best meat ever,” Bacon, by unabashed bacon enthusiast Heather Lauer, is a wondrous collection of bacon bits—filled with fun facts, recipes, history, and smoked porcine worship. The Memphis Commercial Appeal says, “If you can make it to the end of this book without cravinig just a taste of the savory stuff, then you’re probably the world’s strongest vegetarian.” Adoring, entertaining, and informative—sizzling withLauer’s infectious passion for her mouthwatering subject—Bacon is the next best thing to bacon wrapped in bacon.

Reviews on Amazon:
A Bacon lovers dream
This book is perfect for anyone who loves bacon. Its got history, humor, and a multitude of recipes. I would recommend it.
Filled with factoids about bacon--its history, social significance and even preparation--this is a neat gag gift for somebody who is addicted to eating pig flesh.

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