Start off Your Morning Mexican Way With A Breakfast Casserole

Mexican food is usually considered as a meal for heavy lunch or perhaps dinner. The dish includes tacos, enchiladas, as well as burritos that sound quite yummy during lunch time provided with a chilling cervesa. Nonetheless, not all would know that Mexican cuisine is likewise best for breakfast particularly when prepared the authentic Mexican way. Check out this easy treat to produce a scrumptious Mexican breakfast for your own, friends and loved ones.

  1. Spray a 9 by 13 inch size baking dish using a non-sticking cooking spray. Level the bottom with pre-packaged hash browns. Patties normally work ideally in cases like this.
  2. Decide on your meat to layer the casserole with. The good thing regarding this recipe is that you may customize it any which method you desire by opting for various meats. Bacon or chorizo is best suited in this instance yet chicken, ground beef or shredded pork are just as good contenders. Place the meat in a thin layer above the hash browns. Be sure your meat is cooked before adding it.
  3. Put three fourths of a cup of cheddar or jack cheese on top of the meat.
  4. Add two ounces of canned chillies on top of the cheese. Select your chillies properly because certain types can be a little bit spicy for some.
  5. In a mixing bowl, add ten to twelve eggs, half a cup of water and two ounces of canned chillies. Stir completely and then pour on top of the forming casserole. This not only will add taste but will likewise bind the casserole together go it forms into a pie instead of crumbles to pieces.
  6. Insert the baking pan into the oven at 350 degree for thirty-five to forty minutes to ensure the eggs have cooked and hardened and all of the cheese is melted. The casserole should be easy to scoop out just like a slice of pie.
  7. Serve and garnish with sour cream, salsa and tortillas.

The breakfast casserole can also be enjoyed with taco or burrito. An approximate of 6-8 persons can eat this recipe but it may also be preserved until a specific length of time and stored in a covered container which may be served anytime. You may also try cotija cheese in lieu of the usual jack or cheddar and instead of hash browns, you may opt for refried beans for an even more appetizing and genuine Mexican style. You may try the casserole as you like.

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