How To Cook Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore is known to be a classic Italian meal that was also used to be called the hunter's stew. The traditional recipes were mostly made of chicken or rabbit in some cases and these recipes were then adapted especially by those that were travelling or hunting for a number of days and this was in order to provide them with an easy preparation recipe for cooking outside their homes. The early days cacciatore chicken was mainly a combination of mushrooms and spices which will make you ask can you cook chicken from frozen. And the answer will be yes.

 There are various common spices used to prepare this dish and this will include parsley, oregano, also salt, and pepper to taste. You may also add garlic as well as onions in this meal if you wish to. The dish in its most conventional form has a fatter, dark meat and also yields a more luscious sauce. You are not supposed to cook this dish for long as you may end up with several little pieces of chicken and it is also hazardous in that there will be many small bones. This meal should also be prepared in a crock pot or slow cooker.

In order to cook this meal you will need several things and these will include 1 chicken, 1 chopped onion, 28 oz. can canned tomatoes, a cup of chopped fresh parsley, a cup of all purpose flour, 1 cup of white wine, a cup of vegetable oil, 2 bay leaves as well as salt and pepper. When you have all this in hand you now be able to start preparing your dish. The first thing to do is pat the chicken dry using paper towels and also season it with salt and pepper. You should then dust the chicken all over with flour and shake off as much excess as you can.

You should then take a large pot and pour the vegetable oil while heat at medium temperatures. When the oil get hot, add the chicken and here you are supposed to ensure that it is brown on all the sides however you are supposed to be careful to not make the chicken too dark. You should then remove the chicken from the oil and add onions which should be followed by frequent stirring so that they will be tender due to sauting. The tomatoes should then be cut into large pieces and this is to ensure that they retain all their juices and throw them in the mixture. You should then add a little more oil and wait for the mixture to come to boil.

The chicken should then be returned to the pan which has the mixture and proceed to add bay leafs and also the cup of parsley, the reserved tomato juice and also the broth at low heat for about 45 minutes. All the foam should be skimmed off while cooking. The chicken can now be placed on a serving platter where the bay leaves should be removed and then spoon the sauce over the top. You should then sprinkle the remaining parsley on the chicken and it is now ready to serve.

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