A List of Coffee Health Benefits

Coffee has recently been proven to have a number of health benefits, and that list seems to be getting longer.

Cancer: Coffee has not been proven to cause cancer, and it even reduces the risk of mouth, throat, and colon cancer.
Heart Disease: Coffee does not raise the risk for heart disease, and it even offers preventative protection.
Diabetes: Coffee lowers the risk of developing type II diabetes.
Alzheimer’s: Coffee strengthens the blood-brain barrier, which often becomes damaged and leads to Alzheimer’s.
Osteoporosis: Excessive caffeine intake can lower bone density, which should not have an effect in moderate coffee drinking. Adding milk to your coffee on a regular basis can offer you the calcium you need to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Depression: Coffee can elevate energy levels and reduce depression.
Several more reasons to drink your cup of Joe!
Source: The Coffee Bump